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Family Law

Family law can be complicated, complex and stressful without the right knowledge. Here are some areas of expertise that our firm offers to help alleviate stress and aggressively benefit each of our clients.

Family law includes, but is not limited to: child support, custody, divorce, alimony, domestic violence, guardianship, paternity cases, protective orders, annulment, legal separation, prenuptial agreements, etc.

Family and divorce lawyer
Family and divorce lawyer


Divorce cases have the potential to be legally complicated and every case differs. Our highly experienced attorney has your best interest in mind and his expertise in navigating the legal side of your divorce.

Salt Lake City Lawyers to Help with Your Divorce

Trust the expertise of The Divorce Attorney Firm to represent you through your divorce.

Divorce lawyer

Child Custody

Effective Solutions for Every Utah Child Custody Case.

Custody battles can regularly be the most tenuous detail in a divorce or paternity case. The Utah Divorce Attorney firm has an arsenal of tools to keep what’s best for the child in mind while protecting a parents’ rights.

Child custody lawyer

Child Support

Providing Compassionate Utah Child Support Solutions.

There are several strict factors to determine child support. An attorney can help guide you through calculating child support by making sure you’re taking all Utah guidelines into account.

Child support lawyer


Salt Lake City Attorneys For Spousal Support.

Do you qualify for spousal support? Do you think you’ll owe alimony? Our attorney can walk you through the qualifying factors to help you determine whether or not alimony will affect you.

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