What indications that your marriage may be heading towards divorce?

Whether you are newly married or celebrating your silver anniversary, you know the big signs of divorce: constant screaming matches, cheating, and abuse. But what are the hints that you may be on the road to divorce? These dating and divorce specialists have some early divorce indicators that may surprise you.

Katina Tarver

Katina Tarver

Katina Tarver, Life Coach at ThePleasantRelationship.

Top Factors Leading To Divorce

1. Constant difference of opinion
When a couple stops valuing each other’s thoughts and opinions constantly, it signifies that marriage is hitting rock bottom.

2. Dishonesty in a relationship
Trust is the pivotal factor in every relationship, including marriage. However, when the web of lies and cheating starts peeping into the marriage, it never survives.

3. Sexless marriage
Sexual and physical intimacy is the anchor that infuses emotional bonding in couples. However, when it goes for a toss, so does the marriage!

4. Fail to spare time for each other
If the couple fails to spare time for each other, celebrate their life, and forget to love each other, that’s a clear indicator of a marriage coming to an end.

5. Abuse taking over
A marriage with physical, mental, and emotional abuse can never survive. Any kind of these abuses dilute the love and decay the foundation of marriage.

Reasons To Worry About Divorce

You are starting to enjoy another’s attention
It doesn’t have to be sexual attention – rather, what is sometimes more concerning is when you want another person’s attention for emotional support. Most of the time, people turn their hearts because they feel like their spouse does not give everything to them. When another person shows attention and fills that missing piece they wish they find from their spouse, it could be a sign that the marriage may end in divorce.

You no longer find meaning in your vows
No matter how much both of you have tried, you can’t seem to find a way to compromise your differences. Your nights get filled with arguments, and your feelings for each other start to drift away. You no longer find meaning in your vows, and love seems to be a distant memory.

Your marriage is a ticking timebomb
You love each other, but your relationship is toxic. Your marriage is emotionally draining and potentially abusive. As a result, there is no growth in your relationship.

Chris Pleines

Chris Pleines

Chris Pleines, dating expert from Datingscout.com.

Ross Jurewitz

Ross Jurewitz

Ross Jurewitz is a nationally recognized personal injury attorney and the founding member of the Jurewitz Law Group.

Not Getting To Know Each Other Before

Have you heard the adage “Marry in haste, repent at leisure”? Well, it’s true, and repentance may end up costing you everything that you have. If you don’t take your time to get to know your spouse before you get married, you could be in for a shock or two when you set up a home together, and any of those surprises could serve you with one ticket to a divorce lawyers office.

And if your spouse starts keeping odd hours, leaving the house early, and coming back late, it’s a pretty good indicator that they’ve found someone else; your marriage will almost definitely end in divorce.

Communication Issues and Sleeping Separately

1. Failure to discuss finances together
2. Spouse is absent from major events or suddenly going out after work on most nights
3. Sleeping in separate bedrooms
4. Inability to communicate effectively, including a spouse’s need to dominate or be right
5. Spouse texting excessively in the late hours of the night

Wendy Samuelson

Wendy Samuelson

Wendy Samuelson is the managing partner of the boutique Matrimonial and Family Law firm, Samuelson Hause & Samuelson, LLP.

Kim Korven

Kim Korven

Kim Korven, Holistic Mentor and Mediator at The Gentle Way Divorce.

5 Divorce Indicators

1. The only meaningful conversations they have are about their children.
2. One of them doesn’t share what’s important to [them].
3. Since they’ve had children, they’ve stopped creating memories of the two of them as a couple. All their best memories involve them and their children.
4. One of them has been thinking about divorce for between two and twenty years.
5. They follow traditional roles. The man is the provider, and the woman is the homemaker. There’s very little to sustain a couple when this happens.

When You Stop Communicating

A sure-fire sign is when a couple stops talking. If you merely pass by each other without uttering a sound and you no longer laugh and joke the way you used to, then as a couple, you’re probably in trouble. Either try to fix what’s been broken or accept the inevitable and part ways.

Michael Rose

Michael Rose

Michael Rose, Founding Partner at Hach & Rose.

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